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NCSA Telnet for DOS development and technical support has been
discontinued effective Feb. 1, 1995.  Funding for this application is
no longer available and overall interest in DOS applications is
deminishing.  We recognize there is still some interest in NCSA Telnet
for DOS and the application will remain on our anonymous ftp server.
If you have any questions about our last release of Telnet please read
the FAQ and the documentation that can be found in the Docs directory.

Contained in this directory is the last version of NCSA PCTelnet, v2.3.08.
The file contains the binaries and configuration files needed 
to run PC Telnet.  The file contains the source code used to 
compile all the binaries, and the makefiles.  There is binary (.exe) in the 
source distribution.

NCSA Telnet 2.3.08

This is a maintenance release of NCSA Telnet for PCs running MS-DOS.


Help screen keys limited to avoid paramater menu.
Fixed redraw for console when no open connections.
Command line usage display added newlines.
BOOTP repaired to not crash packet drivers.
GIN repair patch added.
Improper fragmentation identification fixed (Solaris users will notice).
Net14 uses port=xx option in
Ftpbin cursor repositions after shell out.
More GIN tuning
Ftpbin control messages all shown.
^Zs removed from ASCII transfers
Ftpbin internal more fixed.
UDP portlist structure minimized.
FTP mget response fixed.
Alt-T reloads keymap.
telpkt.exe binary added - packet driver only version (smaller)

For information on known bugs remaining in Telnet
read BUGS.TXT which is included in

  NCSA Telnet is Public Domain software.

  PC Telnet is compiled with Microsoft C/C++ 7.0 and MASM 5.1

If you are looking for a Windows Telnet application, you can find a copy
of the latest Shareware version of the Trumpet winsock( and
applications ( in the /Mosaic/Windows/sockets/Trumpet directory.


[TXT]21FREADME.1ST31-Dec-2011 15:20911plain text
[???]3C503.TAR31-Dec-2011 15:20393,216
[???]BICC.DRIVER31-Dec-2011 15:2040,477
[TXT]DEV_NOTE.TXT31-Dec-2011 15:2047,410plain text
[TXT]FAQ.TXT31-Dec-2011 15:2019,442plain text
[HTM]HOMEPAGE.HTML31-Dec-2011 15:20159"Telnet home page location"
[TXT]INDEX31-Dec-2011 15:20425plain text
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[TXT]NET1431-Dec-2011 15:203,371plain text
[ZIP]PKTD11.ZIP31-Dec-2011 15:20435,420ZIP-compressed
[BIN]PKZ204G.EXE31-Dec-2011 15:20202,574executable
[TXT]README.TXT31-Dec-2011 15:201,982plain text
[ZIP]TEL2308B.ZIP31-Dec-2011 15:20795,509ZIP-compressed
[ZIP]TEL2308S.ZIP31-Dec-2011 15:20695,724ZIP-compressed
[ZIP]TWSK21F.ZIP31-Dec-2011 15:20307,478ZIP-compressed
[TXT]UPDATE.TXT31-Dec-2011 15:2040,703plain text
[TXT]VGA_BITPLANES.C31-Dec-2011 15:204,356C source
[BIN]W32SOLE.EXE31-Dec-2011 15:202,287,315executable
[TXT]W32SREADME.TXT31-Dec-2011 15:201,482plain text
[???]WD8003A.TAR_Z31-Dec-2011 15:20229,535
[ZIP]WINAP21F.ZIP31-Dec-2011 15:20169,370ZIP-compressed
[ZIP]WINAPPS2.ZIP31-Dec-2011 15:20123,743ZIP-compressed
[TXT]WINREAD1.TXT31-Dec-2011 15:20879plain text
[TXT]WINREAD2.TXT31-Dec-2011 15:2045,271plain text
[ZIP]WINSOCK.ZIP31-Dec-2011 15:20305,674ZIP-compressed